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I don’t plan to mention it often. It is, as far as I’m concerned, work related. I won’t link to here from there, these are being kept separate. However I have started an online portfolio. It is called K Marrs Photography.

So what about my photo blog, “Through My Lens”? Yes it’s still up and running. The thing of it is, it’s not professional. I’m not sending potential clients to it. “Through My Lens” is my therapy blog. It contains snapshots of my day. It’s emotion driven, whether that emotion is anger, humor, love, hatred or pain.

“K Marrs Photography” will be updated far less often and it will be filled with work photos. I’m striving towards becoming a working photographer.

The other key difference is that my work portfolio will hopefully become a dot com that I own within a few months. I just need the 10$ to do so. And then I’ll purchase business cards that direct people towards it. I just need the money for the shipping and handling (many companies will give you 50 free business cards to try their product).

Anyway, please feel free to poke around my portfolio. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think. If you think something is there that doesn’t belong there, please let me know. I’ll consider your valued input. Once again you can find it here.

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