Living Life with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

I’m starting a new thing. A new series so to speak. A regular topic that I’ll post in weekly, bi-weekly, monthly: On Wednesdays.

This will help me out two fold.
1. It helps search engines find me using the key words in the title. It’s called search engine optimization.
2. It holds me accountable to post about my BPD.

What will I post about specifically? I’m not sure. I think mostly I’ll update my readers on how my depression, rages, and other BPD symptoms stand. I’ll also update on how my therapy is going, since I go to therapy on Wednesdays. If I go back to DBT at some point I’ll update on that as well.

Bottom line is, this blog is about Borderline Personality Disorder. And while I don’t believe in keeping it strictly business, I do need to post more on that topic.

I’ve eliminated the mommy blog aspect, mostly, by giving both kids their own blogs. I’ve eliminated most of the photography over load by starting a photo blog. Which isn’t to say those topics won’t trickle in. Both are relevant to my mental health. But I’ve cut way back.

So we are left with what I stated above in the blog’s intro: “My entries can be directly divided into 3 groups. The first is direct research articles that I’ve written on various topics of importance to the illness. The second are stories of antics in my life that while personal, show directly how the illness affects me and those I live with. The third are random stories of the day to day nature that while they won’t be directly related to the illness, they will still show glimpses into my head.”

This blog is about me and my journey “Walking the Borderline”. While I post frequently, I don’t feel there is enough about the BPD aspect directly. So I’ll fix that.

I’m going to aim to post every Wednesday a post in this series. I’m sure there will be times I forget. I’m sure there will be times when there is nothing new to post. However I’m in therapy every 3 (sometimes 2, sometimes 4) weeks and that will give me something new to talk about that’s on subject.

Anyway, expect my first post in this series Wednesday after therapy.

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