What’s something you’ve always wanted but can’t justify having?

When I was very young I started reading Nancy Drew. And Miss Drew owned a Ford Mustang. Back then I didn’t know anything about cars. (Who am I kidding I still don’t.) But thanks to Miss Drew I knew a Mustang when I saw one. I wanted one.

As I’ve grown older, my dream car hasn’t changed much. I want a ’66 or ’67 Mustang convertible. Because clearly, that is a practical car for me to own. But have you seen the ass on one of those babies? I’m an ass girl all the way.

Someday I will own a Mustang. I’ll probably be in my 70’s and it will be a much newer model, but I will own one. Someday.

So what about you?

This post was inspired in part by The Bloggess and her red dress.

One thought on “Dreams

  1. Still have not figured that out yet.
    Maybe the first car I bought?
    That car was this "66" Sport Coupe Ford Falcon. Loved that car. You know still in high school trying to impress my family, freinds, and ecspecially the girls. Took my girlfreind for a cruise one day and came back home to brag how that car help me lose my virginity.
    Wow that was how long ago? 29 years?

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