I had a long talk with my mom after she read my last blog post. You might as well read it before you read this one. I’ll wait.

I’m not going to school this summer like planned. Two main reasons:

  1. I need to get work figured out before I even attempt school. New job, two jobs, whatever I need to figure out how I’m going to support my family better before I even attempt school again.
  2. Between the wedding, car repairs mom needs, and a trip to Iowa this fall, mom has a lot she is spending money on in the next couple of months. While school could be one of those things, it’ll be a lot easier on her if I take school off the list.
  3. I forgot there was a third. But the week of finals was going to fall at the same time I was going to Iowa. It wouldn’t have been impossible but it was going to take some creative timing.

So the finalized decision regarding school is to get work figured out and then start classes this winter.

As for work: Mom is going to take care of the things I need for Rachel’s wedding on the 25th of this month. After that I won’t need my discount anymore. I’m still going to attempt to stay where I’m at. I’ll happily work 2 jobs as long as I like them both for awhile. But I’ll be in a better position to replace my current job if that’s what I need to do. I won’t turn down a full time job with benefits after the 25th. Bottom line, likes and dislikes aside, I need to be supporting my family better than I have been. If my current job won’t allow for that, then I need to seek employment elsewhere. Even if hours pick up starting next week, I know come January I’ll be back down to 15 hours. With a second job that won’t be the end of the world. But if I can’t find a second job because of my first job… I have to do something. I’m going to give the company I applied at until the 25th to call me for an interview. After that I’m going to start looking for anything hardcore.

I feel better with a plan.

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