P!ss.Sh!t. F#ck

Read this. Then read this.

I think the worst part is knowing my kid was caused pain. The second worse is knowing his baby teeth, that I collect, are tainted by unnecessary dental work.

My mom said it sounded weird. My husband questioned the point since the teeth were going to fall out. Why didn’t I listen?

I don’t question the filling, just the crowns.

I’m going to see if my dentist takes kids. I like my dentist. I know I had dental work done, I mean I lost 4 teeth, but 3 of those were wisdoms and the 4th I’ve had many different dentists want to root canal or pull. Even I could literally see the damage and decay and infection on the many x-rays.

Why does my family have such bad luck with dentists?

2 thoughts on “P!ss.Sh!t. F#ck

  1. Ugh! Sounds like a horrible dentist, like the one i grew up with….! So, i ended up dreading dentist's until i was about 26! Now i just wish we had the money to get my train wreck mouth fixed!

    Poor kiddo….thanks for letting me post on his blog!

  2. It took me forever but I finally found a decent dentist for myself. Luckily we're on federal insurance so I didn't have to worry about having money to get my mouth fixed. As a result I'm now missing 4 teeth, though 3 of them were wisdoms.

    And you are always welcome to comment on any of the blogs I run.

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