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This ‘N’ That

Posted April 26, 2010 By kmarrs

Today was a decent day.

I worked today from 12-4. Not a long shift by any means. We were fairly busy today too. Which was good. I hate when we are slow.

I think the best part of my work day was the pre-shift lunch. On the way to work Pat and I were discussing that we were both in the mood for Chipotles. I work about 4 stores down from one. So I asked Pat if he wanted to hang out at the store with me long enough to grab lunch. Well I was going to be a good 10 minutes early to work so I called to touch base and make sure I wasn’t walking into a ton of stuff and then we bought lunch before I even got to work and ate it in my lab. All in all I was about 10 minutes late clocking in, which is no big deal. I just took whatever lunch break i would have gotten at the beginning of my shift. And I was physically at work on time so if I had been needed I would have been there. But I wasn’t. So I got to relax and eat lunch with my husband.

After work we stopped home long enough for me to change my shirt and then we went to my mom’s house. My aunt Bunny and uncle Chuck are in town visiting and mom wanted us all to go to dinner. My sister’s finance went with us too. I was really proud of Pat. He hates visiting because his anxiety gets the best of him but he went with us anyways. We had a good dinner at a nice restaurant. Mom paid, which is always nice. We were celebrating as mom pointed out. There was me and Pat’s anniversary, Rachel and Joe’s engagement and Bunny and Chuck have their 50th anniversary coming up.

On a sappy note, I heard how Joe proposed to my sister. He is making her an engagement ring. And yes I meant he is physically making it himself. He explained the process to me but it went flying over my heard. It involves silver clay and firing it like you would pottery. I don’t know if a diamond is involved. Knowing my sister I’m not sure she’d want one. Oh, and he is designing her wedding gown. He won’t be the one actually sewing it, but the design is totally all him. He’s really kinda wow.

I’m registering for classes at midnight. I’m sticking with the register for 3 and drop what I need to drop before classes start, plan. It’ll make things kinda crazy but we’ll see. I think I’ll survive. The semester will pass before I know it. I’ll have to wait till the last minute to order my books though. That’s the part that has me kinda nervous.

That lens I’ve been blabbing about. You know the 50mm 1.8 that I dream about. My mom is totally buying me it for my birthday. Only I’ll be getting it a couple of months early so that I have it in time for a couple of events including the wedding. I’ll have to order it towards the end of July and who knows when it’ll come in though. Hopefully I’ll have it by September. I can always borrow Jesse’s if I need to. He has the same lens and set up that I have. I just don’t want to yank his primary lens. First off, he uses it. Second off, what if I drop it? Granted I’ll have my own on its way that I could just hand over if I drop his. But still. I don’t want to have to borrow his.

Anyway it’s 4 minutes til midnight. I need to start the class registration process so that I’m a few clicks away at midnight. Night everyone.

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Saturday Night

Posted April 25, 2010 By kmarrs

3664 mp3s on random, clove in hand, smoke curling from lips, blogs to read and blogs to write, belly full, caffeine consumed, hubby close but not to close, kids safe and sound at Grandma’s…

This is what Saturday nights should be.

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Love and Marriage

Posted April 24, 2010 By kmarrs

A couple things of note.

Today is me and Pat’s 7 year wedding anniversary. We went to dinner together. Nothing fancy but nice enough for us. We also got coffee together. All in all it was a decent anniversary. It wasn’t quite what we wanted but the weather was too crappy to grill out like we wanted. So this was a good plan B.

On the subject of marriage I’m proud to announce that my baby sister, Rachel, is officially engaged to her now fiance Joe. The wedding will be sometime this October and I couldn’t be happier for my sister. Joe is a great guy. They share interests, imagination, creativity and faith. They both also share a love of my kids and my kids adore Joe. That part is important to me. He treats my sister very well and she lights up when around him.

Oh yeah, I’m the wedding photographer. *Gulp* I’m going to have to get my butt in shape and get a few new things if I’m going to do this. I now really need that portrait lens. My current lens will cause me to miss too many important shots. I can’t exactly have my sister pause as she’s walking down the aisle so that I can focus my damn lens. That will cost about 100-150$. I have, however, asked for that for my birthday from my mom. So hopefully, being the mother of the bride, she’ll see the importance. I’m also going to need a spare camera battery. That will only cost me about 18$ so I should be good to get that on my own. I’ll also need about a dozen AA batteries for my flash. Something else I’m good to get on my own. I’m sure there are other things I could use, but those are the must haves. Of the must haves the only thing I’m really worried about is that lens. I really can’t shoot this wedding without it.

I also need to figure out what I’m doing when it comes to shooting in the dark. Maybe. I don’t know what she’s planning for a reception. If it’s in the dark, I’m screwed. Kinda. I figured out what was wrong with my flash so that should help. The portrait lens I want is also better for dark situations than my current lens. So yet another reason to buy it.

Brenda is shooting the wedding with me. She’ll help pick up the slack and catch whatever I miss. I’m the primary photographer but she is some kick-ass backup. Seeing as how she’s better at this than me and comes with years of experience. It’s always a good idea to have a second photographer at such an event so she won’t be there just because I’m a loser. A clueless loser. LOL.

Of course now that I’ve made it public that I’m doing this wedding I have others responding with “Good because you are shooting my wedding as well.” Oh really? Well fuck. So much for avoiding wedding photography like the plague.

Of course my bestest friend Stacy has promise me I don’t have to shoot her wedding. I’ll be too busy being her maid of honor. A role I can dig. Now to find her a man. Too bad I’m so picky about who I’ll let date her. Accepting applications at kmarrs (at) walkingtheborderline (dot) com. Morons need not apply. Family men are a plus.

On that note, I have two days worth of blogs to catch up on so I’m gonna let you get back to whatever you were doing before you clicked over to me. Looking for something to do next? Go here. Yes, it’s yet another blog. So sue me.

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20, 50, 80

Posted April 22, 2010 By kmarrs

Pat: It’s one of the 24 blogs you follow?
Me: More like 54.
Pat: That was suppose to be funny. That’s not funny.

Pat: Let me guess, it’s one of the 80 blogs you follow?
Me: I don’t follow 80 blogs!
Pat: Ha! It’s funny again!

Men are annoying.

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Think About This Some

Posted April 21, 2010 By kmarrs

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My Hair aka Why You Don’t Challenge Me

Posted April 20, 2010 By kmarrs

So I’ve already twittered this but not everyone follows my twitter stream. You should. But that’s neither here nor there.

For a couple of months now, maybe longer, I’ve been toying with having my husband just buzz my hair. To me this is no big deal. I’ve been keeping it short anyways off and on over the past few years. As in really short. When I get it cut it’s about half an inch on top and barely there on the sides and the back. So buzzing it all over, not that different. I got that same cut a few months back, well a little further back, but it’s started to grow out. Hair does that. The problem is, I’ve lost a lot of hours at work. So money for things like hair cuts simply doesn’t exist. As it’s gotten longer I’ve gotten more and more annoyed. The more annoyed I get, the more I joke about having Pat buzz it all off.

Earlier today I made the following statement on twitter/facebook:

You have no idea how tempted I am to let my hubby buzz my head. I need a hair cut but I’m broke.

This caused a lot of drama from a few people telling me not to do it of course followed by me defending it. Ok, maybe not a lot of drama. But some drama. However my favorite response was from my best friend Stacy:

I really want to see you with a buzz cut!

This struck me as a bit of a challenge. I read that as her not really thinking I’d do it. Well we’ll see about that.

Then Jesse, who was over here tonight and who knew about the facebook/twitter post issued the following challenge:

If you buzz your head I’ll buzz mine.

The thing is we’ve been trying to convince Jesse to let us buzz his hair forever. So my imediate response without even having to think was “Ok!”

Now, Jesse was not expecting this. I think he thought I was all talk. And he tried to dig himself out of the hole he’d just fallen into. But Jesse has balls. And he knew he couldn’t take it back. So we dragged him upstairs and the fun began.

So while I now look like this:

Jesse now looks like this:

BTW, here is what he lost:

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