My Hair aka Why You Don’t Challenge Me

So I’ve already twittered this but not everyone follows my twitter stream. You should. But that’s neither here nor there.

For a couple of months now, maybe longer, I’ve been toying with having my husband just buzz my hair. To me this is no big deal. I’ve been keeping it short anyways off and on over the past few years. As in really short. When I get it cut it’s about half an inch on top and barely there on the sides and the back. So buzzing it all over, not that different. I got that same cut a few months back, well a little further back, but it’s started to grow out. Hair does that. The problem is, I’ve lost a lot of hours at work. So money for things like hair cuts simply doesn’t exist. As it’s gotten longer I’ve gotten more and more annoyed. The more annoyed I get, the more I joke about having Pat buzz it all off.

Earlier today I made the following statement on twitter/facebook:

You have no idea how tempted I am to let my hubby buzz my head. I need a hair cut but I’m broke.

This caused a lot of drama from a few people telling me not to do it of course followed by me defending it. Ok, maybe not a lot of drama. But some drama. However my favorite response was from my best friend Stacy:

I really want to see you with a buzz cut!

This struck me as a bit of a challenge. I read that as her not really thinking I’d do it. Well we’ll see about that.

Then Jesse, who was over here tonight and who knew about the facebook/twitter post issued the following challenge:

If you buzz your head I’ll buzz mine.

The thing is we’ve been trying to convince Jesse to let us buzz his hair forever. So my imediate response without even having to think was “Ok!”

Now, Jesse was not expecting this. I think he thought I was all talk. And he tried to dig himself out of the hole he’d just fallen into. But Jesse has balls. And he knew he couldn’t take it back. So we dragged him upstairs and the fun began.

So while I now look like this:

Jesse now looks like this:

BTW, here is what he lost:

4 thoughts on “My Hair aka Why You Don’t Challenge Me

  1. Kudos to you for going through with it! Yay! i would really like to have seen a mohawk, though. So, where's the picture of what y o u lost??

    Lookin' good!

  2. I don't really have a before picture for me. I can't take my own photo very well and Pat normally refuses to touch my camera. I assure you I didn't lose much. It was really short.

  3. The picture of your friend, well he looks a lot better with the buzz cut. Your buzz doesn't look bad at all. At first glance it is kind of jarring. Looking a little longer show the person, not the hairdo. This cut might let you know who sees the superficial and who sees the person. Could be useful.

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