Love and Marriage

A couple things of note.

Today is me and Pat’s 7 year wedding anniversary. We went to dinner together. Nothing fancy but nice enough for us. We also got coffee together. All in all it was a decent anniversary. It wasn’t quite what we wanted but the weather was too crappy to grill out like we wanted. So this was a good plan B.

On the subject of marriage I’m proud to announce that my baby sister, Rachel, is officially engaged to her now fiance Joe. The wedding will be sometime this October and I couldn’t be happier for my sister. Joe is a great guy. They share interests, imagination, creativity and faith. They both also share a love of my kids and my kids adore Joe. That part is important to me. He treats my sister very well and she lights up when around him.

Oh yeah, I’m the wedding photographer. *Gulp* I’m going to have to get my butt in shape and get a few new things if I’m going to do this. I now really need that portrait lens. My current lens will cause me to miss too many important shots. I can’t exactly have my sister pause as she’s walking down the aisle so that I can focus my damn lens. That will cost about 100-150$. I have, however, asked for that for my birthday from my mom. So hopefully, being the mother of the bride, she’ll see the importance. I’m also going to need a spare camera battery. That will only cost me about 18$ so I should be good to get that on my own. I’ll also need about a dozen AA batteries for my flash. Something else I’m good to get on my own. I’m sure there are other things I could use, but those are the must haves. Of the must haves the only thing I’m really worried about is that lens. I really can’t shoot this wedding without it.

I also need to figure out what I’m doing when it comes to shooting in the dark. Maybe. I don’t know what she’s planning for a reception. If it’s in the dark, I’m screwed. Kinda. I figured out what was wrong with my flash so that should help. The portrait lens I want is also better for dark situations than my current lens. So yet another reason to buy it.

Brenda is shooting the wedding with me. She’ll help pick up the slack and catch whatever I miss. I’m the primary photographer but she is some kick-ass backup. Seeing as how she’s better at this than me and comes with years of experience. It’s always a good idea to have a second photographer at such an event so she won’t be there just because I’m a loser. A clueless loser. LOL.

Of course now that I’ve made it public that I’m doing this wedding I have others responding with “Good because you are shooting my wedding as well.” Oh really? Well fuck. So much for avoiding wedding photography like the plague.

Of course my bestest friend Stacy has promise me I don’t have to shoot her wedding. I’ll be too busy being her maid of honor. A role I can dig. Now to find her a man. Too bad I’m so picky about who I’ll let date her. Accepting applications at kmarrs (at) walkingtheborderline (dot) com. Morons need not apply. Family men are a plus.

On that note, I have two days worth of blogs to catch up on so I’m gonna let you get back to whatever you were doing before you clicked over to me. Looking for something to do next? Go here. Yes, it’s yet another blog. So sue me.

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