Easter Sunday

To steal a repeating line from my son’s blog: Today was a good day.

We went to Brenda’s house for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. This seems to be an emerging pattern since we did the same last year. Luckily Brenda can cook and the boys like finding eggs.

Unlike last year, when Luke was only 1 and had no interest in the eggs, Luke was an active participant of the egg hunt. He had his own little area where the bigger kids couldn’t hunt so he was set there. And he is low to the ground so he spotted a couple even I couldn’t see. I did point out the rest to him but he did so good. And he was so cute carrying his basket around. It’s about as big as he is so it dragged along the grass as he walked around finding eggs. After his area was clear of eggs he plopped down in the grass and started the task of opening them all up. The coins got handed to me (he made a dollar) and the chocolate got put back in the basket. Thomas, on the other hand, ran around like a maniac finding eggs left and right. He scored quite a bit of candy and 4$! The money earned is going to go towards a snail or two in the fish tank.

All in all it was good good day filled with good friends and good food.

One thought on “Easter Sunday

  1. I had trouble falling asleep too. Too many thoughts running through my mind and it wouldn't turn off. Hope TK is feeling better in the morning.

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