Creative Problem Solving

So we had our food stamps cut in January based on my income for December. We were down to a meager amount right as my income was cut so we didn’t have the left over cash to supplement. In other words, we weren’t exactly going hungry, but there wasn’t a whole lot of food in the house for the past few months.

The simple solution was to take in the crappy pay stubs and watch the food stamp balance go back up where it belongs. So we did, but it didn’t. And it didn’t. And then April came, cupboards were bare, and we didn’t have enough food stamps to survive the month on. So we sent emails and made phone calls. We got a hold of the supervisor and she made it her personal mission to take care of this for us. Sure enough within 2 days we had about 3 months worth of food stamps deposited into our account. Minus, of course, what they’d already given us.

Mind you, we still don’t get a ton of food stamps. We get enough. We still supplement with cash. A gallon of milk here, a box of cereal there. We get enough. We aren’t proud that we get them. We want off them as soon as we can be. Though in reality with Pat being disabled we’ll always get some. But the matter of fact is, there are 5 people in our household and I’m currently getting about 15 hours a week. This will change and our food stamps will go down. But for now, we need them and we get them.

Then the thought arose over the weekend. “I wish I could turn food stamps into cash. I mean, we have more food stamps than what we need currently but no cash.” See we need summer clothes for Thomas. With the way my hours have been cut, it was so not happening. I didn’t want to ask my mom but I was running out of options. This is where problem solving comes into play, because it dawned on me; I could offer a trade. A fair trade even. Or as fair as my mom would allow it to be. What if I offered my mom food, in exchange for clothes for Thomas? Sure enough she agreed, though she is giving the food to someone who needs it more.

So tonight we are going to Krogers and stocking up on 100-150$ worth of food. Then in exchange we are going down to once upon a child (a second hand children’s clothing store) and are buying Thomas his summer wardrobe.

This trade is a great idea.

In other news, my 2 year old is in 4T. Only it’s based off his weight and he isn’t quite tall enough for it. Fat baby is fat but only as tall as a proper 2-year-old. And I love it because he is so fun to nibble. He’s also calmed down in the weight gain so he isn’t getting fatter, and his height is slowly catching up to his belly. Meanwhile his shorts that are willing to go around the belly, hang down to about his ankles. It’s quite an interesting look. He’d still technically fit into 3T which would fit him lengthwise better, but he’s right on the line and I’d just have to pull the 4T out by the end of the summer anyways so, pulling it out now is less work over all.

Food and clothes. Slowly but surely our needs are being met. Now I just have to figure out laundry detergent. Probably that’ll get worked into the trade with mom though. As will socks for Luke.

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