This Just In…

I’ve been craving a clove cig for months now but it’s been too cold outside for me to smoke. And I don’t smoke inside because it isn’t good for the boys.

Now that it’s finally warm enough outside for em to smoke a clove, I have open sores in my mouth from where they pulled the two teeth. But the time my mouth heals from that, I’ll be having 2 more teeth pulled.

So it’s going to be over a month before I can smoke the clove I’m craving.

I’m not a hardcore smoker of anything. The only things I do smoke are cigars, which I haven’t had in forever and my cloves. A single pack of cloves will last me months though so it isn’t too bad of a habit for me. I could be a lot worse.

I just love how they taste. Clove tastes so good.

Oh, and you don’t inhale cloves or cigars. So it isn’t as bad on my lungs as actual cigs would be.

Still a bad habit, I know.

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