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I’ll Laugh Later

I’m getting Luke ready for bed. Or rather I’m trying to get Luke, to get Luke ready for bed. He’s running back and forward between the living room and the kitchen, passing the basement door with each lap. I’m standing at the open basement door trying to catch hold as he runs past, without the energy to chase him down and losing patience fast.

Me (loud): Lucas Jay Marrs I don’t have the patience for this. Will you come here please?
Lucas (equally loud from the kitchen): NO!

Pat and his brother David lose it. David goes into the kitchen to catch him for me and I get hold of Luke from there. I take him down to the basement to get his diaper changed and to dress him in his jammies. All through this process he chants, “I’m funny! I’m funny! I’m funny!”

Kids. When you don’t want to kill them, you’re wanting to laugh with them.


  1. Ping from Will:

    that's awesome =P

    frustrating but awesome.

  2. Ping from She Who Is:

    I have to give him credit. He was right. He's a funny little shit.

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