I got the last of my dental work done today. My dentist pulled both wisdom teeth on the left side. It wasn’t so bad. The sound is always the worst part. If you’ve never had a tooth pulled (not surgically cut out but actually pulled) then you have no idea. It almost sounds like a bone breaking or grinding only it originates right next to the ear drum. It’s literally the sound fo the tooth being ripped out. It’s a sound I’ll never forget. I almost said it’s the worst sound ever, but I’ve heard my babies cry out in pain. So I corrected myself.

Anyway I’ve gotten all the dental work I’ve needed to get done dealt with so hopefully all I have left in my future is cleaning. One can hope, right?

New Blog

My friend Joe and I are collaborating on Things We Like and Don’t Like. It’s about saving money in this tough economy. We’ll review discount and store brand products. Check it out and take notes!

Also, we may or may not be looking for authors for the blog. Want to apply for the job? Send me an email (addy on the right hand side towards the top/middle) telling me a some of the store brand products you buy and why you like them. Oh and this job, totally no paycheck. Sorry.

The Question

To job hunt or not to job hunt; that is the question.

This would be a second job, not to replace. I want to make sure that’s clear, oh bosses who have access to this blog. =P

Right now I’m down to 3 days a week at work. We were barely able to make ends meet at 4 days a week. I don’t know how this is going to work out.

On the one hand, if the pattern holds, hours will be picking up very soon. Easter is in a week, holding hands with spring break. Then comes prom, followed by graduation. Next comes summer vacations followed by the holiday season. Things won’t stay as slow as they’ve been.

I also have to keep in mind that in a few months I’m going to be going to school part-time and that is really going to add to my work load.

On the other hand, we need money now, not just later. Also, no matter how many hours I do or do not dedicate to school, it will not increase my income right now.

I don’t really want to job hunt. It’s not that I would mind a second job, I just don’t want to go to all the work just to turn around and have to quit a month later. Seems pointless and looks bad on my part. Specially since hours are potentially picking up within a week or two.

So I think I’ve talked myself out of job hunting.

There is always the option of replacing my job but I don’t really see the point to that. I like, mostly, where I’m at. I’m in management. Why walk away from that just to start at the bottom elsewhere? I’d still be stuck in retail. I’m not really qualified for anything else. I also have the worlds most understanding bosses, why would I give that up willingly?

I think I just need to enjoy the extra time with my family, count my pennies and chill out till hours pick up. Sound like a plan to you?

School Update

If you haven’t read “The History of My Attempts At College” read it first. Seriosuly. This post can wait.

I got a hold of the college early this morning. Within 15 minutes I had the balance issue cleared up and was able to start the process of registering for classes. Unfortunately by the time I went to register, classes had already started and I needed to teacher’s signature to get in. If there was even a seat available. I spent most the day emailing teachers and so far have only gotten one response. The one response I did get was a sympathetic I’m sorry, someone beat you to it. So between that and the fact by the time I do get in I’ll be behind, and the fact that two of the three classes I’m trying for (whichever I can get in first being the one I go with) I’d have to buy a book as well… I’m just going to have to sit out this semester.

On April 26th I’ll be able to register for summer semester. And first thing that morning I’ll be signing up for two to three classes. I already have my financing squared away. I know what classes I’m taking. I just have to wait out the next month to register and the next three months for classes to start.

So why the sudden obsession to start classes again? Well first off I would have been taking classes all along if I hadn’t owed the school money. So this really isn’t all that sudden. The money has only been paid off for the last month.

More importantly I had a long talk with my therapist about my depression. And I think we are all on the same page that I’m not doing enough with my life. As stressed as I sometimes get balancing school, work and home, I feel a lot better about myself when I’m pulling in good grades. Also, I get bored way too easily and when I’m bored I think. When I think I dwell and reflect. There is a lot of negative to dwell and reflect on. So boredom literally puts me into a bad place emotionally and mentally. School keeps me busy. Good grades give me ego. School is very good for me. And it betters me. So all in all it’s a good situation to find myself in.

Anyway, I’ll keep everyone posted. Hopefully this time next month I’ll be registered for classes. I’ll beat down anything that stands in my way. The good news is I’ll have time to do so this time around.