The Weather Outside is Frightful

Too bad we don’t have a fireplace. When we eventually buy a house, a fireplace will be a must.

It just keeps snowing. We’ll have 2 days of non-stop snow. It’ll stop for a few days. Then 2 more days of non-stop snow. There are a couple of feet out there. Thomas has his third official snow day tomorrow (Wednesday). There was a day when he went home early because of snow. And there was a day that we kept him home because we knew he’d just be sent home early anyways and didn’t want to deal with trying to get him home safely when the time came. Apparently 75% of the parents did the same, that day.

For most of this we’ve been safe and sound at home. A lot of these snowy days I’ve been off work anyways. One day I was suppose to work but told to just be on call. I never did make it in that day.

All I’m saying is: global warming my ass.

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