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Brutal Honesty

Posted February 23, 2010 By kmarrs

Thomas: What is that
Me, breaking up a cereal bar for Luke: It’s a cereal bar. For fat kids.
Thomas: Oh. You should eat one.
Me: Thanks kid.

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It’s Been A Long Time

Posted February 23, 2010 By kmarrs

A certain ex of mine, not Andrew, has made his facebook presence known to Pat and by default me. I worked over in my mind how I wanted to handle this information. Ignoring it came up. It’s what Pat would prefer. Then again I know if Pat had his way I wouldn’t speak to any males anywhere ever except maybe gays ones. Which is information I have to keep in mind when following, or not following my husband’s preferences.

So I thought about it then I sent a simple note saying hi and asking how his life is going.


Because enough time has passed that I can actually care about him without CARING about him. Do I want any type of relationship with him outside of facebook? Not really and I doubt it would ever come to that anyways. But I do care to know if he’s doing ok or not. At one point I loved him. At one point we were engaged to be married. And then we broke up and he dropped off the face of the earth, after a few months of an awkward living situation. So yes I kinda care. About the basics anyways.

And I know my mom and Stacy are sighing and rolling their eyes. But I’ve decided they can get over it. Finding out he’s indeed still breathing isn’t hurting anything.

Anyway, we’ll see if he even responds. I told him he’s welcome to ignore me and promised to go away if he does. I kinda have the feeling he will. I really hurt him 7 (?) years ago. But we’ll see.

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Be Proud America

Posted February 23, 2010 By kmarrs

I went to a gym. My mom and sister are members and they both have a guest pass. So my mom took me with her Sunday night.

I honestly enjoy working out. I enjoyed that part of gym class. I would use a membership if I had it.

I just need to figure out how to afford it or try and talk my mom into funding it. At least for a little while. I may be able to help out with the monthly fee when hours pick up, if Pat will add it to the budget.

I wish I could get Pat to the gym. He needs it almost worse than I do. But I don’t think mom would pay for us both. And I know our finances can’t afford us both. But I think working out with my husband would be, well, hawt. I know he’d use it. I know it’s something he’s been talking about wanting to do. I also know we simply can’t afford it for one of us much less both.

Personally I think access to a gym should be included in health insurance. Makes sense to me. It makes you physically healthier. It also helps with mental health.

We’d both benefit. But it’s one more thing we can’t afford.

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Oh What A Night

Posted February 22, 2010 By kmarrs

So I’m a little late in this, but only by a couple of days. I debated whether I was even going to make this post. But I decided I had to. I couldn’t leave it at just the twitter rambles. BTW if you haven’t read the twitter rambles, you should. My twitter feed is above my posts.

I’ll start with this. To relieve minds I want to mention that because there was alcohol involved, I did not take my meds, other than Geodon which I can’t miss, for the night. I know better than to mix booze and meds. Probably would have been better off skipping the Geodon as well, but that missed dose would have made me sicker than the booze med combination did. In the long run, moderation is the key. Despite being drunk, I didn’t binge drink past the limit. I did throw up, a lot, but I think that was more my acid reflux. Actually, I know it was. And in the long run, I knew I was fine taking my Geodon. It’s a whole risk verses benefit decision. I also don’t drink often. So I took the risk.

Anyway, on with my story.

About 6:00 Friday night I got a phone call from my long time friend Stacy. She needed a girl’s night, her treat. I said I was game as long as I had the chance to get Luke to bed at 7:00 first. She came to pick me up at a little past 7 and off we were.

We didn’t have any real solid plans for the night. We knew we both needed food, booze and fun. So we decided to start with dinner. Something cheap and loved by both. Noodles and Company made for the easiest decision of the night.

When we got there, we discovered the parking lot was covered in little plastic balls. Like the kind you find in a kid’s ball pit. I of course had to collect some for my kids. After nabbing 4 brightly colored balls, we went inside and got our food.

We spent the meal trying to decide what to do next. We finally settled on going to the mall, catching a movie, and then hitting up the bar after the movie. It was all localized to one mall. It was a solid plan.

Then we got to the mall and both parking garages were labeled full. We both agreed that plan A was not going to happen. We talked about going to another theater but Stacy decided she wasn’t really interested in a movie anyways. We both still agreed a bar was needed. I asked her if she knew a good one. She said she had an idea but first a small stop.

Now before I shared where we went you need a quick intro into Stacy. My best friend is Catholic and an accountant. A real solid good girl.

So she took me to the Lion’s Den. The local adult book, video and “toy” store. We killed a good half hour in there. I bought some dragon’s blood scented incense. Good stuff, people. Good stuff.

Once done we headed to the local University (OSU) campus to find the bar that she wasn’t sure what it was called or where for sure it was located. We passed a few bars, none of which called our names. So we just drove.

45 minutes into driving inspiration hit Stacy. Bowling! We got ourselves onto the freeway and back towards where we started, we went.

When we got to the bowling palace the place was packed. There were a good dozen people in line ahead of us to get a lane and shoes. Luckily there was a bar. So we got our first round of drinks and stood in line.

After about 15 minutes we had our lane and second round of drinks. For the next hour and a half we bowled 3 games, laughed our asses off and I got drunk.

Most of it is kinda a blur. I do know I threw more gutter balls than anything else. I know at one point I threw a gutter ball that bounced back out of the gutter long enough to knock a single pin over. I only knew it knocked a pin over because the kid in the lane next to me, I’m guessing he was all of 8 years old, got really excited for me and told me I’d hit something. I know at one point I got a gutter ball, spare, and then 4 more gutter balls all in a row. I don’t remember why I declared there was a God and that he was good to me. It probably makes for a great story. Stacy will have to enlighten us. I remember acid reflux was kicking my ass, not that it slowed me down any. BTW, regurgitated Bacardi Silver Raz is not tasty.

After we bowled we went into the bar area and listened to mostly bad Karaoke. We only spent maybe 20 minutes in there before heading home.

Now, yes, Stacy did do some drinking, but not nearly as much as I did. She stopped long before I did. She can hold her liquor. She drank lots of water. She was fine to drive. So don’t go worrying about that.

Once home I did quite a bit of vomiting and then I went to bed. That part wasn’t as fun. Stupid acid reflux.

Hmm, I can’t think of any other interesting stories to tell you about the night. I’m sure Stacy could.

I should point out I wasn’t hung over the next morning. Acid reflux was still kicking my ass, but it quieted down after I ate a sub for lunch. No headache or anything. I was good to go.

All in all, lots of fun.

Oh! The balls! Remember the balls from the restaurant? There were more inside the bowling palace! Not a ton, but a group of people, with little kids, had some. Stacy and I looked at each other and just burst out laughing. I informed her we were being stalked. I think the balls were the funniest paret of my night. But that’s only because I don’t remember in fine detail most of the rest. LOL

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WoW Talk

Posted February 17, 2010 By kmarrs

Pat and I are still playing WoW together. We took a short break while he leveled a different toon to 80 (the current level cap). But we are back to playing. We got our first due (a druid healer for me, a warrior tank for him) to 60th and now we are working on a second pair. I’m leveling a rogue and he is leveling a warlock. On the side I also have a death knight who is 60th (they start at 55th) and hunter who is still a baby at 12th. Anyway, I guess the main point of this is, we are having fun and enjoying each other. And that is good.

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The Weather Outside is Frightful

Posted February 17, 2010 By kmarrs

Too bad we don’t have a fireplace. When we eventually buy a house, a fireplace will be a must.

It just keeps snowing. We’ll have 2 days of non-stop snow. It’ll stop for a few days. Then 2 more days of non-stop snow. There are a couple of feet out there. Thomas has his third official snow day tomorrow (Wednesday). There was a day when he went home early because of snow. And there was a day that we kept him home because we knew he’d just be sent home early anyways and didn’t want to deal with trying to get him home safely when the time came. Apparently 75% of the parents did the same, that day.

For most of this we’ve been safe and sound at home. A lot of these snowy days I’ve been off work anyways. One day I was suppose to work but told to just be on call. I never did make it in that day.

All I’m saying is: global warming my ass.

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