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It’s Been A Long Time

A certain ex of mine, not Andrew, has made his facebook presence known to Pat and by default me. I worked over in my mind how I wanted to handle this information. Ignoring it came up. It’s what Pat would prefer. Then again I know if Pat had his way I wouldn’t speak to any males anywhere ever except maybe gays ones. Which is information I have to keep in mind when following, or not following my husband’s preferences.

So I thought about it then I sent a simple note saying hi and asking how his life is going.


Because enough time has passed that I can actually care about him without CARING about him. Do I want any type of relationship with him outside of facebook? Not really and I doubt it would ever come to that anyways. But I do care to know if he’s doing ok or not. At one point I loved him. At one point we were engaged to be married. And then we broke up and he dropped off the face of the earth, after a few months of an awkward living situation. So yes I kinda care. About the basics anyways.

And I know my mom and Stacy are sighing and rolling their eyes. But I’ve decided they can get over it. Finding out he’s indeed still breathing isn’t hurting anything.

Anyway, we’ll see if he even responds. I told him he’s welcome to ignore me and promised to go away if he does. I kinda have the feeling he will. I really hurt him 7 (?) years ago. But we’ll see.

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