I Make No Apologies

Pat and I are being criticized from all around that we were handed 7,000$ and we spent it all. Well almost all of it.

I make no apologies.

We did a lot of good with that money.

  • Paid a months and a half worth of bills.
  • Replaced that car that was dying
  • Got ourselves completely out of debt
  • Replaced a dead microwave and toaster

That all took 5,000$. That left us 2,000$ or 1,000$ each.

Now everyone seems to think we should have tucked that cash under the bed and left it for emergencies. And those people are probably right. But here is how I look at it. Pat and I don’t give gifts to each other for our anniversary, birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day, etc. Instead once a year we both get roughly 1,000 to do what we please with. Now most of Pat’s went to paying back Jesse and the car. He had a couple hundred left over for a pair of shoes, a special dinner with me, a printer that we need to print out pay stubs for SSI, welfare and WIC (my job has gone paperless so all pay stubs are online only) and a few other trinkets and dowaps.

Me? Out of 1,000$:

  • 100$ to Stacy
  • 200$ towards the car
  • 120$ bought my a point and shoot digi
  • 150$ bought me my camera bag
  • 15$ bought me a memory card for my new camera
  • 30$ went to film, prints, and batteries
  • 125$ went to newegg for a new computer keyboard, a mic, and an external hard drive to back up my life aka all my photos.
  • 150$ went to new shirts that were needed, I had nothing for colder months. Oh I also bought a bra. It was the most expensive thing I bought there. All the shirts were on clearance. But I needed a bra, I was down to only 2. There are 7 days in the week. You do the math.
  • 40$ bought me and my family dinner at noodles and company
  • 20$ went into the fridge at work to pay back for when it bought me lunch and for my coffee addiction
  • $30 went towards my special dinner with Pat
  • $20 went to various taxes and rounding of totals.

And that’s 1,000$. Yes I blew through it in 2 days. But a lot of thought went into everything. Everything can be justified. I didn’t impulse shop. I didn’t waste the money.

I make no apologies. So please, stop. Stop making me feel like I should feel bad.

3 thoughts on “I Make No Apologies

  1. Yea, I agree with Tracy. I mean, getting out of debt is probably one of the best things you could do with extra money and you did it! Congrats! I think people can get jealous and like to pass judgments to make themselves feel better. And honestly, $1,000 goes pretty fast now-a-days, but you got a lot for your money!

  2. There is a lot more I would have liked to have done. There are some minor things the van needs. I learned after it was all spent that my kid needs new shoes. We could use a sofa that isn't falling apart. But in the end it'll all get done. The van's minor repairs will happen soon enough, the rest can wait. Shoes will happen within a month. And the sofa isn't a necessity. It'll all happen eventually.

    Bottom line, it's spent and I'm happy with the results. End of story.

    Thanks you two for your kind words.

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