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I went to a gym. My mom and sister are members and they both have a guest pass. So my mom took me with her Sunday night.

I honestly enjoy working out. I enjoyed that part of gym class. I would use a membership if I had it.

I just need to figure out how to afford it or try and talk my mom into funding it. At least for a little while. I may be able to help out with the monthly fee when hours pick up, if Pat will add it to the budget.

I wish I could get Pat to the gym. He needs it almost worse than I do. But I don’t think mom would pay for us both. And I know our finances can’t afford us both. But I think working out with my husband would be, well, hawt. I know he’d use it. I know it’s something he’s been talking about wanting to do. I also know we simply can’t afford it for one of us much less both.

Personally I think access to a gym should be included in health insurance. Makes sense to me. It makes you physically healthier. It also helps with mental health.

We’d both benefit. But it’s one more thing we can’t afford.


  1. Ping from pope523:

    You should join the YMCA

  2. Ping from She Who Is:

    Which is a thought and there is one near us. However, I like the idea of being able to work out with my mom and sister. And the gym they are at is only 40$ or so a month. It's just 40$ I don't really have right now. How much is a YMCA membership? The other advantage of the gym they are at is that there is one by me, one by my mom and I believe one by where I work. So no matter where I'm spending time, I'm like 5 minutes from the gym.

  3. Ping from pope523:

    I don't know how much the YMCA costs. But I believe they offer discounts for which your family would qualify, and regardless, I'm sure it's cheaper than the private gym membership.

    I'm not saying that joining the YMCA would necessarily be BETTER, just that if you can't afford the membership at the gym, the YMCA is a cheaper alternative and better than not joining a gym at all.

  4. Ping from She Who Is:

    You do make a valid point and have shown me a good option. One I will take into consideration. They might be cheaper. I'd want to check them out and make sure they are clean and all first, of course. I'm still going to try for the gym my mom and sister go to, but if it just can't happen the YMCA is a good second choice.

  5. Ping from Anonymous:

    I don't know about the Columbus YMCA, but the one in Gahanna was fricken expensive which is why I joined the gym. And sorry, but no, I'm not gonna pay your way. It's a splurge to go myself. And it wouldn't be fair to Rachel who pays her own way. This is why I was hesitant to have you visit with me cause I was afraid it would just make you that much more miserable.

  6. Ping from She Who Is:

    Ok. That's fine. I didn't expect it. You had just implied at the gym that it was a possibility.

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