What If

I’m bored beyond belief and want to blog. I have nothing in particular to blog about so I stole this from BPD in OKC.

1. You see a strange car pull up to your neighbor’s house every day at lunch time. You accidental glance into the window of the house and notice that your ‘happily married neighbor’ is fooling around! What do you do?
I don’t really know. In this neighborhood I’d keep it to myself. If I lived in a better neighborhood I guess it would depend on well, I don’t know.

2. You are at the mall and a mom with really annoying screaming little kids is walking in front of you. She goes to give her kids a quarter for the giant gum ball machine and she accidentally drops a $10 bill and doesn’t realize it. What do you do?
Dude. I’m poor. And 10$ is half a package of diapers. At the same time I’d probably hand it over. there is that chance that she is as bad off as me.

3. You get an email from a candy company telling you that they will send you 6 pounds of delicious chocolate if you blog about their product. When you get the product and try it you realize that it is the worst chocolate that you have ever tasted. What do you do?
Tact is something I don’t have. If I don’t like it I’m going to tell the world. Speaking of which, Throwback Mountain Dew is horrible. And no one paid me to say that.

4. Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous and annoying things someone could do. Yet, what would you do if you were driving and listening to the radio when the announcer says that he will give $10,000 to the first person with your name that texts a message to him?
I’d pull over and then text.

5. You’ve been invited to your boss’s house for a dinner party. It’s dark out and there is poor lighting when you get there. As soon as you get inside you realize that you have stepped in dog poop and you have tracked into your boss’s house. What do you do?
I’d ask for some paper towels and some type of cleaner.

6. You are at a restaurant waiting for your food to arrive. You’ve waited nearly 30 minutes since the moment you placed your order when your food finally shows up. There is a hair on the top of the food. Do you send it back and wait another 30 minutes or do you deal?
I’d inform them I was leaving.

7. If you had the power to do so, what would be the one question that you would like to ask anyone who reads this?
Would you like to do my laundry for a year? Month? Week?

Well that was short.

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