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I think I have an UTI. Going potty is painful. I’m going to see about leaving work in time to go to the urgent care tomorrow. It’s either that or leave early enough to go to my doctor on Monday. Both would work I guess. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow on whether I can wait or not. Because I’ll most likely be leaving work early Monday regardless due to things being dead at work.


  1. Ping from jl:

    Cranberry juice

    and stop holding the pee

  2. Ping from She Who Is:

    Yeah. I can't tell if I have a uti or not. It's more of a feeling of pressure than and actual burning sensation. And I'm having to pee a lot more than usual but usually not a lot is coming out. It started around the same time as my period started. I'm wondering if the two are connected. I'm going to give it another day or two. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off so I can get into the doctor if I need to.

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