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I Was Hallucinating

I Was Hallucinating. I’m not entirely sure what I saw. There were lots of people with lots of bags trying to get everything on something long and skinny like a train.

I was lying in bed with my eyes open when I saw this in the dark.

Today is the day I cut my antipsychotic dose in half.

I’m very discombobulated right now. It’s taking a lot of effort to put together letters into words right now so I’m going to end this. But I needed it share before sleep and morning cause me to forget.


  1. Ping from tracy:

    Wow. You were really tripping. Get better. Was the Geodon really awful or something?

  2. Ping from She Who Is:

    No the Geodon was really great. We had to take me off of it so I could start the Adderall though. If the Adderall doesn't work I'm going to request my Geodon back. The withdraw does suck.

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