How To Ruin A Perfectly Good Snow Day

  1. Parenting and BPD Borderline Personality DisorderGet permission to go outside to play in the snow after lunch.
  2. Bitch, moan and complain about what’s for lunch.
  3. Eat half of lunch.
  4. Threaten to give other half to cat.
  5. Wait till mommy walks out of room.
  6. Hide other half of lunch in the trash can.
  7. Cover said half of lunch with a fist full of napkins.
  8. Tell mommy and daddy you ate all your lunch.
  9. Have mommy get curious how you possibly ate it so fast.
  10. Have mommy check sink and cat’s food dish.
  11. Have mommy notice the napkins in the trash.
  12. Mommy get’s curious.
  13. Have mommy lift up napkins.
  14. Oh look, there’s the other half of lunch.
  15. Get grounded to sofa for the rest of the day for lying.

The first tip off was the threat to feed the sandwich to the cat. The second was that he supposedly ate the other half of his sandwich without complaint in under 3 minutes (it took him 15 minutes to eat the first half). The third was that he took his plate to the sink without being told. I would have checked the trash regardless but the napkins were hard to miss.

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