Work Stress = BPD Stress

We are insanely busy at work. Especially on the weekends through Tuesday. I’m finding myself going in early and staying late much of the time. Tis the season though.

I feel that I’m handling the stress fairly well. I think I prefer this over work being slow and boring.

We have this big film to CD order we are working on. Which is just as annoying as slides. She wants everything scanned high res which takes forever. I’m so ready to be done with that order. I haven’t had much if any time to work on it really. Chris, the guy who works in the lab with me, has really stepped up to the plate with it actually. He usually does when it comes to scanning shit. He is like a scanning machine. He’s also in the lab on two of the slower days of the week though so he has more opportunity. Not this past Friday though. I guess he was balls to the wall busy on Friday. I kinda feel bad. Kid isn’t paid enough to put up with being that busy by himself. Lord knows I’m barely paid enough. I kinda enjoy it though. I don’t think I could do it all the time, but I enjoy this part of December.

Oh! I sold a camera today. I know, I know. I work in a camera store. Selling cameras is what we do. But it’s a huge thing for me seeing as how I work in the lab. I don’t really do sales aside from the occasional photo finishing order or accessory when the sales guys are too busy to handle everything. And this was a Nikon D5000, not some inexpensive little point and shoot. It was quite a sale for me.

It’s insane that we have less than 2 weeks left til Christmas. I’m so not ready. I still have to find stocking stuffers for the boys and we have to get a gift for Thomas from Santa. I don’t really know when or how we’ll have the money for it. We were handed 100$ from my dad as an early Christmas to go Christmas shopping with. That’s how we afforded the last shopping trip.

I swear I need to start doing my Christmas shopping in July.

God I’m stressed out.

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