Holiday Shopping

We went Christmas shopping today. It was really cold and windy out so the stores were not as crowded as they normally are.

We managed to get the toy for Luke that we really wanted. It’s a really neat little table for his mega bloks. The kid loves blocks so we figured this would be perfect. We’d seen it in the store last month but didn’t have the money. Then we went back black Friday with money and they didn’t have it in stock. Luckily there was one left today so we bought it.

Thomas is getting two new games: Sorry and Guess Who. He loves playing games with us, so they should be fun.

We’ve also stocked up on new books for the boys. Luke is getting 3 new board books and Thomas is getting 5 beginner readers. He’s learning how to read and these books are at his reading level. I don’t expect him to read them off the bat, but he can learn.

All in all it was a productive shopping day. We still have Thomas’s present from Santa and stocking stuffers left, but it feels good to be almost done.

We for the most part aren’t getting gifts for anyone else. We simply can’t afford to this year. Some years we can, some we can’t.

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