My car is no longer drivable at all. As in the brakes could go at any minute among other problems. And yet we are going to have to baby it to and from work each day anyways. I’m no longer allowed to drive it at all.

Meanwhile my father has a perfectly good car that he never drives except to the store once a week and to the barber once a month. Despite the fact we provide the roof over his head and ask for nothing major in return, his car is not an option for me to get to and from work. Oh, he’s willing to consider giving me a ride now and then but he suggests I take the bus. Best part? I left his room feeling selfish for even thinking about asking. Because clearly me getting to and from work is optional.

I think I’ll just move into my lab. It’ll give Pat some space as well. He can no longer divorce me, btw, whether he wants to or not. Our lawyer money is going towards a used car here in a couple of months when we get our tax return.

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