So we have the most lovable, sweet kitty in the world camped outside our back door. We let him in to get warm and fed but he hissed at Sophie so we had to shoo him back out. This kitty is no stray though. First off, he’s fixed. He also has a collar and is well fed.

I wants to keep him.

My kitty, Sophie, hates me. She only pays attention to my dad. So having the opportunity to pet a kitty was nice.

Now he’s head butting the door. My will power is failing.

One thought on “Amor

  1. He's someone else's 'Amour" if he's wearing a collar. He'll go home eventually. Close your blinds and repeat after me. "This is not my cat. This is not my cat. Someone somewhere will be looking for him." Trust me on this….I know from what I'm saying. If I'd taken this advice years ago, I'd have a new sofa by now and you'd have a futon.

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