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It Was Amazing

When I got home from work today I took Thomas to Aldi to fill the snack drawer. If you aren’t familiar with Aldi, it’s a type of grocery store. It doesn’t have a lot but what it does have is really inexpensive. Almost everything is generic brand and it’s a good place to get the staples without spending a lot of money.

Aldi is by far the best place to get snacks for the boys. I can usually fill their snack bin for 30-40$ or less. And these snacks last us the whole month.

Usually I go by myself, but this time I got the random idea to take Thomas with me. See, the day before we went to Krogers where he asked, as always, for a lot of stuff. Most of which we said no to. He wanted snacks and they are cheaper at Aldi therefor, he heard no an awful lot. So I got the idea in my head that I wanted to be able to to yes for once. I knew if I took him to Aldi with me he’d be asking for stuff I’d be buying anyways so I’d get to be the nice mommy and say yes yes yes.

When we got there I told him straight up that I wouldn’t know he wanted something unless he asked for it. So if he wanted something all he had to do was ask. Which pretty much translated to him seeing it and putting it right into the cart, after he figured out I was saying yes to everything. But it was alright, because well, he wasn’t putting anything in the cart that I wouldn’t have put in there myself.

Again keep in mind that this little “yes” binge was taking place in a store that has about 4 aisles total and half of that is canned goods and frozen foods. So while we bought at least one of each snack item, the total bill was only 40$ and we got some cereal as well. So about 30$ was spent on snacks in total. I got to be nice mommy without totally breaking the bank. And it totally made up for all the no’s he usually gets inside stores.

The only hard part was when we reached the toy section. But I calmly explained to him that we didn’t have money, just food stamps and food stamps only pays for food. He took it well and was easily distracted with the cereal section. So all in all it was an amazing trip.

I think I’m going to take Thomas with me to Aldi from now on. I like being able to say yes.

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