What A Good BPD Day Can Look Like


First off we had a good lunch and then I gave the baby a bath. Middle of the day bath is rare for me. Normally I give them weekly before bed on Wednesday. Though I wasn’t home to give him a bath this past Wednesday night so when I discovered my baby was sticky this morning, I knew he needed one soon. I almost had him wait till he was with my mom because I know she enjoys them. But after lunch he was just messy enough that I decided to go ahead and give him one. Who knows, maybe he’ll get two baths today.

I managed to get some quality time in with Pat while Luke played quietly in his crib. He was in a good mood and has a new toy that could hold his attention for hours. So he didn’t even notice where he was and that he was alone for the 10 minutes Pat and I wanted alone.

We cleaned out 4 cages today. The huge cage the rats use now, the boy’s old cage, Gabby’s old cage, and a tiny cage they we use to hold the rats temporarily while their cage is out of commission. The tiny cage is now being used as a food dish. The sides come off and the top can attach to the bottom so it’s basically just a large food dish with a top. It’s kinda hard to explain but the next time I’m taking pictures of the rats, if I remember I’ll get pics of their new food dish. I’m not sure why I think you guys care, but I think it was a good idea on Pat’s part so I’m going to pretend you do.

Oh! Also! Pat had another really good idea! Instead of a hammock he’s going to drill holes in some of the large cardboard tubing I get from work and he’s going to mount them to the sides of the cage. So they’ll have little cubbies off the ground to hide in. I think it’s a cool idea. I’ll still probably make them a hammock at some point just because I really like the idea of it. I love seeing their Little cuddle puddles and I can’t see them when they are in their tubes.

Anyway, back to feeling accomplished.

I’m already half way done with my laundry for the day and it’s only 2:46. I’m really feeling accomplished there. I thought I was more than half done but Pat asked me to wash the sheets. While I’m at it I might as well get the boy’s beds as well. So I’m back down to only half done. Oh well. At least I don’t have to fold sheets. That’s the part that really gets to me. I just have to get them put back on the bed.

If I get the motivation i still have a few more things I want to accomplish, besides finishing laundry. I want to try and get a DBT post posted. I need to sort through TK’s old cloths and pull out 3T pants for Luke. I keep meaning to and just never get to it. I want to get some pics of the rats taken. I also want to get Luke’s picture taken in his new cuddly jammies. He looks so cute in them that I can’t resist.

In fact I think I’m going to chase Luke with my camera now.

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