Hey You Guys!

You know you are allowed to comment and all. It makes me feel, I don’t know… listened to? Read perhaps being the better word? I want to know my readers. I want to know if their are any. Give my poor ego a boost. Throw me a bone. Say hi. Call me stupid, with proper examples why. Tell me to get over it? Something. Anything? Better yet, somewhere in the right hand column there is a nifty little device where you can “follow” me. It’s really easy. It’s your way of saying I came, I saw, I liked what I saw, I’ll stick around. Hellsbells, you could even follow and never read again. I’d never know.

Where is the love?

But you gotta give me something. As of right now the only people that comment are my mom (hi mom *waves*) and my second, well technically third because Stacy’s mom is my second but she doesn’t read this, mom Brenda (hi B *waves*).


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