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Good Day

Today was a good day. I managed to get some things accomplished. I already posted about my meds appointment. That was a good accomplishment. I got there. I told her things I needed to tell her. I got the med increase I need. All good. I even made it to DBT early, just to find out it had been canceled. Not my fault, so it can still be on my list of accomplishments. I got my scripts dropped off to the pharmacy and then later on picked up. Two different trips to the pharmacy, all on the same day. Accomplishment. I got my husband motivated to do some grocery shopping with me. We went to Krogers with both kids. That in of it self is amazing. The 4 of us don’t go to the store together very often. Usually if Pat and I are together in public it’s after the kids are in bed. Also, rumor has it both of my kids are freshly bathed and sweet smelling. Another accomplishment of yours truly. Oh! And I managed to post to my blog twice in one day, counting this one. Here soon I’m going to fold roughly half a load of laundry. Maybe the whole thing. Probably not. Baby steps.

See I got things done today. And this is how I need to get through it. One task at a time. One day at a time.

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