I’m having a stupid hard time figuring out what to get Luke for Christmas. We already have all the standard 2 year old toys from when Thomas was little. Today we went to target to spend a gift card we were given and we started shopping for the boys. We picked out 3 transformers for Thomas that were on sale. So far Luke is getting pants. And I’m not even sure the pants will fit him. He’s too fat for most 2T and too short for most 3T. So I’m hoping for the best and keeping the receipt.

Did I mention Luke’s birthday is right after Christmas? So I have 2 events worth of presents to come up with. This is hard.

Did I mention I hate the holidays? They are so stressful. I’m ready for it to be February already.

One thought on “Christmas

  1. we're sure getting our 1$ worth from this Dollar Store balloon !!!!!!!!! And we bought a Happy Birthday one for Jo Jo too .

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