A Decision To Be Made – Harder With BPD Indecisivity

I’m toying with selling the clothes Luke has outgrown.


  • They are taking up alot of space
  • It would earn some cash to help pay for Christmas, which at this point will be meager


  • We want a third baby at some point
  • Restocking the clothes selection will cost more than what we’d actually get for the clothes

I’m thinking about going through craigslist. I’d get more than I would going through a store.

I just don’t know what to do. Hypothetically I’m not agreeing to a 3rd baby until we have another bedroom and a mini van. At which point the money situation would have to be better so we could afford to buy all new clothes. At the same time, I could see any extra money we’re making at the time to be spent on the new van and the extra room, so there is nothing left for clothes.

Am I just being stupid?

On the one hand we don’t even know for sure there will be a number 3. On the other hand why would I sell those clothes knowing full well we intend for there to be a little brother who will need them.

I repeat, am I just being stupid?

Is Pat right: When in doubt wait? It’s not like those clothes are going anywhere I can always sell them later. But those 2 pros are an issue now. And the storage space isn’t getting any bigger.

I really don’t know what to do here.

One thought on “A Decision To Be Made – Harder With BPD Indecisivity

  1. Maybe I'm being stupid too, but there's always my attic. It still has room and if it were organized a bit more (by you) it could hold even more. Just a thought.

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