Yay Me!

I have my first independent (use to work for Sears Photo, this is my first without them) photo shoot a week from today. I’m so excited. The subjects are two little girls. One is 4 months, the other is I’m guessing about 4 years, give or take a year. Though now that I think about it I think she’s 3-4.

Anywho, the parents are friends of mine. I’m not making any profit off this. As in the cd I make them will cost me 5$ and that’s exactly what I’m charging them. However, I do get to use these photos in my portfolio so that is way cool and needed.

I’m kinda nervous. We’re going to be at the park and the little can’t sit up yet. So I’m going to have to bring a blanket to use to prop her up with the help of her mom. You basically stick an adults arm under the blanket and hold on to the back of the babies shirt while the baby leans back and sits there. It’s a technique I’m use to. We’ll also be able to get some great belly shots of the baby. The older girl will be easy because well, she’s older. So posing her leads to more options.

Anyway, just wanted to share.

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