Meds Update 10/03/09

I haven’t done this in almost 3 months, but there have been 2 recent changes so I feel the time to update is now.

Cymbalta 90MG (up from 60MG)
Trileptal 300MG

Trileptal 300MG
Geodon 160MG

I have been taken off Ativan. I didn’t feel like it was helping enough to be worth taking. It was also a hassle to get it refilled through the nurses every 4 weeks.

I’m also now on 10MG of Ambien at night as needed to help me sleep. The Geodon use to knock me out every night but it hasn’t been doing that nearly as much. And the wide awake effect of the Cymbalta isn’t wearing off on it’s own. So I’m left tossing and turning until I can fall asleep and waking up earlier than I’d prefer. I don’t intend to take it every night. Just those nights where it’s getting late and my brain won’t shut up. I took it last night and was out within 30 minutes, so I know it’s good stuff.

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