Jason Mayo

I wasn’t going to blog about this but I’m so excited, I don’t see how I could not. Jason Mayo from Out Numbered is following me on twitter. I’m a huge fan of his blog and enjoy it about as much as I enjoy Dooce and Daddy Scratches. So him paying me any attention, even just to follow me, is really really exciting for me. It means my own little blog is one step closer to being known. Which has me one step closer to getting word about BPD out there. One step closer to helping those who share my illness. And lord knows that what I’m here for. And maybe just maybe if Jason continues to follow me, next I can get Daddy Scratches and maybe even someday Dooce to follow me to and read my blog. And yes, as much as I’d love that personally, it really would help the cause I’m fighting for. I want BPD to be as commonly known about as bipolar and postpartum, and all the others. So few people know about Borderline Personality. They’ve heard of it, but they don’t know what it means. There are therapists in this world who refuse to treat it. Let me repeat myself here. There are THERAPISTS in this country and world who REFUSE to TREAT BPD because it is a challenge. And so it is my goal to make change, to get word out there and to help get treatment found for those who suffer from this terrible illness. And yes, Jason Mayo following me is 10 kinds of awesome and more than half of that is because it means my cause will be that much closer to being heard.

So Jason, if you actually read this thank you so much for taking notice of me. I’m a huge fan and really enjoy your little corner of the internet. Thank you.

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