DBT Week 1 – Core Mindfulness

There are 3 states of mind: reasonable mind, emotional mind, and wise mind.

Reasonable mind is intellectual, rational and logical. It attends to facts. It is planful in behavior and focused in attention. Reasonable mind is “cool” in it’s approach to problems.

Emotional mind is behavior and thinking controlled by emotions. Reasonable thinking is difficult and facts are amplified or distorted to match emotions.

Wise mind is the integration of emotional experiencing and logical analysis. It includes intuition. It is a very centered point.

Mindfulness skills are skills that help balance emotional mind and reasonable mind. It helps bring you to wise mind. There are three “what” skills: observing, describing, and participating. There are also three “how” skills: taking a nonjudgmental stance, focusing on one thing in the moment, and being effective. The goal is to develop a lifestyle of participating with awareness.

Observe – feelings, thoughts and behavior without trying to terminate them when painful or prolong them when plesent.

Describe – in words. Putting labels on behavior and events is essential to communication and self control. Many confuse emotions with precipitating events. Requires not to take thoughts and emotions literally; ie, feeling afriad does not mean that a situation is threatening.

Participate – without self consciousness. Examples of mindful verses mindless participation.

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