Changing of the Gaurd

I have this ritual. I pick a Friday, usually, when mom has both boys. I sneak up to their room. I turn on girly tv (What Not To Wear is one of my favs for this). I sort through the boy’s clothes. I pack away winter cloths and pull out summer clothes or whatever. As you may have guessed by now, I do this every 6 months. I have all of the boy’s outgrown clothing saved so when it comes time to change things out, the only boy I have to buy for is Thomas. I have all the old clothes sorted by size into storage bins that I keep in their closet. I’m up to I think about 12 bins if you include one for shoes and one for various socks, mittens, hats, etc.

Every 6 months I’m down right manic about this. I’m making sure everything goes where it belongs. I’m taking my time. Sorting shit out. Folding everything neatly into draws. I’m OCD in heaven up there.

This time?

I’ve been dreading it. I knew it needed to be this weekend. I knew it’s been getting chilly out there. Luke is down to 3 pairs of pajamas that are both warm enough and fit him and he lives in those. To the point where he’ll wear them all day and all night for a couple to three days in a row. It’s a game of keep Luke clean. Especially the past couple of weeks where everyone else and then I was sick. Laundry has kinda gotten lax around here.

Now in all fairness Luke lives in jammies anyways. If we are leaving the house we’ll get him dressed accordingly. Staying around the house? Why bother. It just creates more laundry. As long as he is clean and warm, I’m a happy momma. What can I say, I myself don’t bother with real clothes if I’m not going anywhere. I’m that kinda person.

So anyways I’d been dreading the changing of the seasons this weekend. I just finished and I swear it’s the most rushed job I’ve done of it yet. I literally had a pile of clothes that needed to be sorted into random bins that I just pushed into an empty one to do later. Very unlike me. I tell you my OCD is having a cow right now but the rest of my brain is telling Ms OCD to shut it.

I don’t think it helps that I’m having trouble getting to the closets. Thomas is not the best room cleaner, and as long as it’s sorta out of sight, he calls it done. That includes shoving stuff in the closets. And while I’ve mostly given up that battle, it makes working in the closets difficult. That and I just keep stumbling upon shit that irritates me and it’s like I have to get done and out of there as fast as possible.

I know I’ll go back and fix it. Here in a few months when I’m packing away Luke’s 24mon clothing and pulling out his 2T clothing (gulp 2T that’s like big kid clothes!) I’ll have a chance to get everything squared away.

In the meantime, I’m just not mentally up for it.

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