Your Vote Is Needed

Karen: Jesse you are a tie breaker
you are the person who decides who is normal and who is fucked up. Are you ready for this?
can you handle the power?
are you even there?
Sent at 9:14 PM on Thursday

Jesse: Wat

Karen: ok

when you get a song stuck in your head is it being sung in your voice -OR- is it being sung in the artist’s voice with musical accompaniment and all?

Jesse: The way I last heard the song

Karen: so you hear the artist’s voice and the background music?

Jesse: Yep

Karen: wow

same as Pat sorta
it makes the vote even again

Jesse: Lol

Karen: when you didn’t answer right away I asked my mom and she said she hears the song in her voice, like me

Jesse: Nuts both of you lol

Karen: Pat currently has “my humps” being sung by Frank Sinatra with a 5 piece band backup, heavy on the trumpet, stuck in his head

both of us? try you and him!
you are the ones hearing voices not your own.
I’m going to have to take this to my blog, I think

4 thoughts on “Your Vote Is Needed

  1. I'm with Jesse. I hear it the same way I've heard it most recently.

    Thank you for not mentioning any song that I know the words to in this post, thus inserting it into my mind to stay there for weeks on end. :)

  2. Ok, I need to ammend what I said earlier. A lot of the songs I have in my head are old ones or pieces of church music. I have no idea of who sang them and thus I hear them in MY voice…especially since I'm a singer. BUT, if we're talking Elton John, or Barbra or someone else current, then I hear it in their voice…with or without the orchestrations. Does that make sense ?

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