Some Days are Down, Others are Up

I’m having problems with motivation today. I had an unexpected day off so I should be using it to my advantage.

We did get groceries, and that is good. But I started to melt down at the task of putting them away. Luckily my dad was there and enjoys putting groceries away so he was a huge help. Pat also got the cold stuff put away. But he’s in pain so that’s as far as he got.

Now the baby is napping and I have so many things I should be or could be doing that I just can’t seem to find the motivation for.

Reading my current book
Write the book I’m writing
Picking up toys
Cleaning around the rat cages

Instead I’m blogging. Which isn’t a waste of time. And does take motivation. So it’s not a bad thing that I’m blogging.

I think the current lack of motivation comes from the depression I slipped back into. I don’t know why. I don’t know anything about it. I’m just in a funk.

I think I’m going to go start laundry now and delegate the rat cage cleaning to Pat.

And since I’m the one getting Thomas today I’ll take pics of him on his bus.

Speaking of pics, yes I’m procrastination laundry, I have two I’m going to recreate today that are really cute and they are going up on my photo blog. Pat took the origionals on his camera phone. I’m going to see what I can get with my D80.

Pat’s as bad as me. He’s trying to find the motivation to use the restroom.

Maybe it’s just one of those days.

Though he does have the excuse of pain. He rides his bike to go get Thomas everyday and Thomas scooters home behind daddy.

Right. Laundry.

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