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Female best friend with the option of the occasional snuggle ‘n’ “stuff”. Must love chick flicks, good books, creeking, and my family.


  1. Ping from BPD in OKC:

    lol… i'm seeking that type of friend too

  2. Ping from Dave:

    Ok, you've got me. "Creeking?"

  3. Ping from She Who Is:

    Jennifer – It would be tough balancing a relationship and a marriage. But if her role was to be a best friend and there was just the added closeness, I think I could handle it.

    David – You know, playing in a creek?

  4. Ping from yousmellikegoat:

    Hell, I just want to find somebody to date, muchless having two companions…

  5. Ping from She Who Is:

    Jesse – I know hun. I should be grateful for the one. And I am. I just feel like something is missing. And luckily Pat supports me.

  6. Ping from Patrick:

    I found a key!

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