I’m Playing…

EVE Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online.

You have to buy EVE and pay a monthly fee to play it. However, DDO is completely free and a lot of fun. You should go download it. David, I’m looking at you. You should go download. You, David.

It seems we aren’t playing wow anymore. I’m not playing anything by myself so I go where my/the boys go.

2 thoughts on “I’m Playing…

  1. LOL oh no!!! I've been called out!

    I did look at the DDO site, and it does look interesting (though I also read the forums and saw a lot of the complaints too), but I just don't have access to the computer often enough to make it worthwhile. And it won't play on our laptop (which is over 5 years old).

    The way it is now, the only time I could regularly play would be Saturday and Sunday mornings.

    I promise that, if we ever buy another laptop that's more up to date and can handle it, I will play whatever you're playing at the time (DDO or whatever new thing comes along). As long as it's free.

    How does that sound?

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