Flu Bug Don’t Bother Me

It’s official, Children’s Hospital was right. They thought Thomas’s migraine and fever was being caused by a flu bug last weekend. It seems they were right. 5 days later he is still feverish, still has headaches and he woke up in the middle of the night throwing up.

Now Luke and Patrick have it too.

Luke had a fever of 100/101 for all of yesterday. Today isn’t looking to be much better. He also spent most of yesterday with a light sensitive headache. Yes, I know when my 1 year old has a headache like that. Him pointing to his head and saying “owie” was a good clue. As was him freaking out when the lights were on. In all reality, when the entire family suffers from chronic headaches, you learn what to look for.

Did you know studies show that children as young as 2 years old can suffer from migraines?

At this point I’m hoping I don’t get sick too. We can’t afford for me to miss any work. That and I finally got my 5th day back, I don’t want to lose it by calling off or going home early.

One thought on “Flu Bug Don’t Bother Me

  1. Dont worry baby, you wont hafta worry about missing anymore work… I will shove you out the back door with an OJ IV Drip Laced with Ibuprofen if I hafta!!

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