Borderline Personality Disorder and Migraines

Borderline Personality Disorder and headachesSevere headache and migraines appear to be more prevalent in patients with BPD then the general population. It is hard to know why without a better understanding of what causes BPD and migraines. While scientist have their theories, exact causes are unknown.

For more information on migraine headaches, please go here.

For an interesting case study done on people with BPD and migraines go here.

One thought on “Borderline Personality Disorder and Migraines

  1. I am 1 of those lucky people who has BPD & migraines. While my neurologist was no help, my internist put me on Topamax, which not only got rid of the migraines, but also the majority of my everyday headaches. There's an added bonus which most of us will enjoy too-weight loss. I have lost 30 lbs since I went on the Topamax in May.

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