Thomas’s First Day of School

parenting and BPDThere isn’t much to say about the school day. He learned how to spell red, they read corduroy, they had fun.

It was the bus ride home where the action took place.

well first off his bus info
route___ couldn’t remember
Stop northtowne es 3:39
Rob and I walk down and get there in plenty of time.

Thinking the northtown es was northetown estates or whatever.

You know bus stops are by houses and all that.
By the time 4:00 passes, I’m more than a little freaked out, though I had Rob keeping me calmed with stories of his girl friend and saying TK was probably just talking shit to the driver, trying to sell a cat and the bus driver pulled over for 10 minutes as punishment.
You know, stuff to distract.(TK has the “you buy cat” part of this video memorized)

So when 4:00 hits I have him text Pat to stay near my phone in case it rang and it was the school and he missed his bus or whatever.

Next thing we know Pat’s in the car tearing past us pausing long enough to tell us to go home and that’s it and then he turns right on northtown headed towards the circle aka the wrong direction to be going to his school.
I get home and he calls and sobs out “call his school, find our son.”
I get more info out of him and find out es stands for elementary school, not estates.
Thinking back, DUH. Hind sight is a bitch.
(TK goes to an alternative school so their stops are different because they aren’t collecting from 1 neighborhood per bus.)
But Rob and I hadn’t been anywhere near the school.

Well Pat gets to that school (in his boxers because he didn’t take time to dress properly) and can’t find Thomas anywhere.

Is he out wandering the neighborhood looking for home? Thoughts like that go through parent’s minds!

I call TK’s school and get a voice mail system.
I call the bus people and I’m like I don’t know if you can help but I at least need to be sure he was definitely on that bus.

They put me on hold forever FOR-EVER A FRANTRIC PARENT ON HOLD and come back with the info Thomas was still on the bus.

Also they don’t let kindergartners off buses without them having a parent or someone there to claim them.
Makes sense, but eh… we were in hysterics.
Come to find out Thomas didn’t recognize the stop, didn’t try to get off because he knew he’d know his stop, and just enjoyed the bus ride.
12 minutes later hewas delivered securely to his waiting daddy who was wearing nothing but boxer shorts and a t-shirt.Oh and Rob?
That’s one of Pat’s two best friend’s. The other is Jesse. Rob is TK’s godfather, Jesse is Luke’s.

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