Sick and Other Rambles

I’ve been feeling really disconnected lately. I feel like I’ve hardly posted in here. Which is inaccurate because I haven’t missed a day. I’ve even posted real content with my “Depression Hurts” series. It’s short but it gets the info out there.

I think the main hold back of the past week has been my stomach. I’ve been feeling pretty sick due to a stomach virus or something. I’ve been nauseous, gassy, I’ve had diarrhea and indigestion. After 6 days of ick and leaving work early 3 I finally went to the doctor. There is no real diagnoses but the symptoms are being handled. I take one pill for indigestion every 12 hours, two for diarrhea every 6 hours, and finally 1 for nausea every 8 hours. Let me tell you how fun it is keeping track of all the pills I take atm. I am currently taking 24 pills every 24 hours. Though I don’t always take the late night dose of the meds for my stomach. They are as needed. So if I’m awake for the dose and feeling bad I’ll take it. However there is no harm in sleeping through a dose.

Meanwhile my boss is being really cool about it. I’ve been obviously sick, not just suffering poor mental health. Not just looking for an excuse to go home. He’s heard the internal battle over needing the hours but wanting to be sick in my own bathroom. It helps I was able to bring him a doctor’s note even though he said I didn’t need one.

I’m just working so hard to get back on the schedule 5 days a week and I’ll be damned if I let a stomach bug stop me.

I had my 3rd therapy session today. We talked mostly about the birthday part and the stress I felt during it. Which got us talking about my role in various situations like work, my family, etc. We also filled out a sheet of my therapy goals and expectations. It’s something we have to do every 6 months. It keeps us on track and lets us know when we’re done. I won’t be in therapy forever so we need to make the most of what time we have.

Gah my stomach is upset despite the pills atm. I think it might be Pat’s chili I had for dinner though. It was good but probably a bad idea atm. The doctor did mention something about sticking with bland foods for awhile.

Luke said “PaPaw”. He breaks my heart with sweetness a little more each day.

I’m feeling really distracted. Like there are things I need and want to post but I can’t get my mind around them.

Gah chili on an upset stomach was stupid.

Do you know how sometimes when you are sick you take something for it that works so well that when the time comes that you are better you don’t know the difference so you don’t realize it and just keep taking the pills assuming they are the reason you are feeling better? This is not the case. The chili has informed me I’m indeed not better so I need to keep taking the pills. When they run out in the next day or two if I’m still feeling bad I’m to go back to the doctor. I really hope that isn’t the case.

Luke is miserable sick. His is sinus based though. His nose is like a faucet. He’s also all croupy. My poor, poor, sick boy.

I just JUST did a cute photo session with Thomas I need to get them edited and post them in my photo blog. Check there in a bit.

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  1. Ugh…feel better soon. Stomach things are the worst….except when i get 'em, i don't want to eat! i forget is you therapist a chick or a guy? You already know mine's a guy. Got the weirdest assignment from him yesterday…i'm supposted to come up with all the reasons that make me f e e l like he likes me. And i didn't even ask him if he did….

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