Money Woes

Why is it the more money I make, the less money we have?

I miss the days of living with my mom where we had money for things we need.

My 2 weeks off to be in the hospital and immediately after really fucked us over.

We just finish getting help from my mom to survive this month. Who is going to help us next month?

Will my dad ever be financially secure enough to take over a bill or two?

Am I going to have the money to buy Thomas his winter clothes and a coat in time?

What about new work pants and work shoes for me?

I can’t work much harder without Pat losing some of his ssi.

So an answer isn’t to be found in a second job.

Do I need to look at taking a job at some place like Target in place of my job at _______ in order to have a discount that’s useful.

Being able to buy the 250$ flash I want for 96$ will be nice.

But we don’t have the money for clothes much less camera crap.

I just want to curl up and cry.

Or curl up and Die.

No suicide though.

Now that I have a life insurance policy, my death might as well be profitable.

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