Money Woes Calmed Down

First off Pat won’t let me apply for a job at Target. Something about not rocking the boat. It helps that I have a steady job in management and in the unemployment/economy crisis, giving that up would be stupid.

Not even for a useful discount.

Which is good because I have my eye on an expensive lens and flash that my discount will help nicely with. Granted, it’s a long ways off. But someday.

As for help in the next couple months, I’m not asking for it but my mom says she will give it anyways. She’s talking about taking Thomas thrifting for play clothes.

She also just paid 2 months worth of our cable bill instead of just 1, so that’s a huge help.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m damn lucky. I have a mother who loves me and helps me out and a husband who supports me working a job I love.

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