I Did It

That is one of Luke’s favorite phrases.

Anyway, to the point.

I made it through all but the last half hour, a dead half hour, of work today. I tried very hard to call off but couldn’t get a hold of Chris.

The thing is the stomach flu is bad and all, but now I’m getting the lovely killer cold all my boys have/had as well. So I’m doubly sick.

And when you are a bad bpd brat like me and you have trouble staying at work as it is, being sick just makes things that much harder.

Thing is though, if you’re sick, you’re sick.

My only fear is that I’m was just starting to break a bad habit when I got sick. I can’t afford a set back. Plus this month the money was going to be super tight anyways. So I’m really fucking things up by being sick and having to go home early on a few shifts.

What can I do though? I’m sick.

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