Games Redux

I lost my train of thought on that last post when my mom and oldest showed up at the back door. In order to pick it back up, I need to start at the beginning.

I also have to be careful because a lot of this is personal to Pat, not me and therefore none of your business.

Pat is feeling frustrated with the 2 games he plays online and is considering taking a long break from them. Either way we have canceled the accounts for now, mine too, and won’t be able to play either when their time is up. They are paid up til the end of this month so there is some time.

In the long run this break is good because money is tight this month. More so than usual.

I don’t know what to say. Which is probably a sign I shouldn’t be saying anything.

I’m long since bored with wow anyways so keeping my account active has been a waste. I think Pat did it in hopes I’d randomly decide to play.

I’ve been playing other browser based games like KOL and Evony. but nothing is really holding my attention.

And that is a clue to the bigger picture. Nothing in general is holding my attention very well these days.

Not even this post it seems.

I’m going to go with the not knowing what to say, don’t say anything idea.

2 thoughts on “Games Redux

  1. So much for getting me hooked on WoW. :)

    I think you and I have vastly different tastes in games, so I have no idea what to recommend to you. Do you have any consoles, or just a PC? And how old is the PC?

  2. Dave- Getting you hooked on wow would give me one more person to game with.

    All we have are PC's can't really tell you how old because they get random parts upgrades as needed.

    I'm into RP games. And Sims. I can't find my origional sims disk and it's pissing me off. I have the key code and all the expansions but no disk to the origional so I can't use any of it. This makes me sadder than you could imagine.

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