ZOMG GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!? Pt 2

So Thomas was given 20$ by one of his grandmothers for his birthday.

Thomas: So can I have anything I want with my money?
Pat: As long as you can afford it.
Thomas: Then can we go to the pet store?
Pat: What did you have in mind?
Thomas: A speedy hamster!

One trip to the pet store later, Thomas is now the proud owner of his very own rat.

Yes, I know a rat is not a hamster. But both are rodents and I think that was TK’s main request.

Imp, as he’s been named, is tiny and will only grow to be half the size of your average rat.

He was hand raised, and hand fed so he is very gentle.

He is gray with white detail on his face.

He is incredibly adorable.

Photos will come but will have to wait until he is use to us and his home. Now is not the time to spook him with a flash.

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